Councillor Nigel C Ashton 

 North Somerset Council   A unitary authority            

Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Panel             Chairman   2012 -18                    

Avon Fire and Rescue Improvement Board     Member

West of England Local Enterprise Partnership          Member 2007 – 2019

North Somerset Strategic Partnership People and Communities Board       Chairman  2007 -2019                            

Local Government Association      Wellbeing and Communities Board             Member 2015 -2019,         Innovation and Improvement Board 2019 –                          

Port Marine Management Ltd                                                   Chairman                        

North Somerset Public Health                                                   Executive member 2009 – 2019

North Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board                        Chairman   2009 -2019                      

Twitter:   @NigelCAshton

or Google:  “nigel ashton north somerset”

First elected to Woodspring District Council May 1991, this then became North Somerset Unitary Authority in 1996-97.

Elected leader of Conservative Group in November 2006 and then leader of North Somerset Council after the local elections in May 2007.

North Somerset leader on “West of England” (sub regional government)  May 2007 to May 2019

Elected Vice Chairman of  South West England Strategic Leaders Board, (regional government) March 2009- 2011

Chairman of North Somerset Strategic Partnership  from 2007 to 2014,  still a member of the Board and  chairman of the People and Communities Board to 2019

Director of West of England Local Enterprise Partnership, elected vice chairman 2012- 2014


Although I was born in Egypt and raised abroad for most of my childhood, I was educated locally at Clifton College and then the London College of Business Studies. I then went on to work for the British Printing Corporation, Dalgety and the Imperial Group. After working in London and the USA, I moved to North Somerset in 1986. My business experience has enabled me to play a major role in improving the cost effectiveness of the local Council. I was elected as Councillor for the Gordano Ward in 1991 and became Leader of the Conservative Group in November 2006. I have also served as a non-executive director of the local NHS Primary Care Trust and Chairman of the training academy.

I enjoy reading, golf and walking through the Gordano Valley and along the coastal paths. I am determined to continue to protect the local environment and countryside.

Protection of our villages and surrounding countryside is something that is easy to take for granted. The recent debates on the green belt in the Gordano Valley and across North Somerset, shows that it is something we must always be aware of. However, protecting the villages is not just about the green belt, of course people want to develop and improve their homes and properties, but most realise it must not be at the expense of the character of the surroundings. In many villages in the valley, there has been an increase in outside developers trying to build additional houses on every spare garden with little regard to the community. I will continue to support local communities in opposing insensitive development.


Could you deliver a few leaflets in your area, at election times? If you would be prepared to help then please contact me. Thank you.

Or Google… “nigel ashton north somerset

Nigel Ashton

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