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30 June, 2013 00:09

Boundary changes

The proposed boundary changes for the next local government elections in May 2015 are already causing concerns as familiar Ward names look set to disappear . However I do support the reduction in Councillors and would have gone further given the reduction in budgets and the increase in modern technology that allows residents to access more information and services on line  by themselves 


Armed Forces Day 29th June 2013

Armed Forces Community Covenant Speech Cllr Nigel Ashton, Leader, North Somerset Council

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am honoured to be here today, representing North Somerset Council at the signing of the North Somerset Armed Forces Community Covenant.

The Covenant is about encouraging the whole of society to recognize its moral obligation to our service men and women, and to the families that support them.

This cannot be achieved locally by just the Council working with the Armed Forces and that is why I am delighted to see representatives from so many other, public, private and voluntary organizations, here today, all showing their commitment to supporting the aims of our covenant. I would especially like to welcome Commander Tom Herman RN, Lt Colonel Neville Holmes and Air Commodore Mark Sibley

Over the last two years, it has become clear that there are two main reasons we should all support it….

Yes, to recognize and honour, the service and sacrifice of all our serving personnel, past, present and in the future, but more than that, we have to turn good words and verbal commitments into actions that deliver changes and improvements that make a difference, for the thousands of serving personnel, veterans and their families living in North Somerset.

This covenant is not aimed at giving an unfair advantage, it is aimed at removing some of the unfair disadvantages whether that is access to housing, school places for their children , training and employment opportunities or even medical services

I am sure that many of us here today would not want to do what is asked of our forces but I am also sure that we are glad that there are those brave men and women who can and do.

We all owe them a huge debt of gratitude, and this covenant sets out our commitment to support them during their time of service, and assist their integration into civilian life at the conclusion of their military career.

Thank you all very much

Cllr Nigel C Ashton

Leader of North Somerset Council

A Unitary Authority