Posted by: nigelashtonuk | May 22, 2013

22 May, 2013 22:16

Businesses welcome to come to North Somerset, after tonights meeting in Bristol with George Ferguson.

Some of the tweets being sent from the meeting……….

Cotham Hill trader annoyed at high biz rates claims it is cheaper to take a taxi than get a bus in #Bristol – big cheer from audience
Now Wessex Garages – customers can’t get bus when getting their car serviced. Also concerned where 75 staff will park on 2 biz permits.
A physiotherapists’ practice in Redland asks where patients with bad backs will park when visiting… Detail up for debate says Mayor
Glos Rd Breadstore worried about how staff can get to work at 3am. Mayor jeered when he suggests staff could live closer
Several speakers tonight say they have tried and failed to engage with #Bristol city council consultation

Cllr Nigel AshtonLeader of North Somerset Council
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